Monday, 9 June 2014

Why Papua Wamena?

Indonesia Coffees are among the best coffees in the world (if not THE BEST)

One of them is High Quality Arabica Papua Wamena, aka Black Pearl Coffee. The coffee is roasted in Full City (lighter than most coffee you see in the big franchises) to brighthened up it’s unique characteristics. I’ve recently become a fan of this coffee, I enjoy the fruity notes combined with mild bitterness and medium body, great for those afternoon chills.

Papua shares many of the unique flavors of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Papua shares many of the unique qualities that have made Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee famous. Slightly sweet with fruity undertones, this coffee is well balanced, mild and with medium body. The sweet taste of Albizzia berries, used in the production of New Guinea coffee are grown in the wild rugged mountains of Indonesia Papua Wamena . They were initially discovered in 1933 when the Albizza trees were found in the picturesque Wahgi valleys. Prior to their use in coffee, the Arabs used the coffee berries for spiritual reasons along with creating their own medicines.

Gourmet Indonesia Papua Wamena coffee is grown on 350 acres of land that run along the Wangi River. The plantation’s premium cherry crop harvested several times over from April through September.

The raw beans are then painstakingly hand sorted to evaluate character, quality and condition to ensure superiority in the delivery. Hands down, Papua is acknowledged for being one of the finest quality coffees in the country.

Papua coffee is cupped daily to guarantee the rich, consistent taste of brewed coffee time and time again. These plantation workers have combined their talents, pooled their expertise and mastered one heck of a beautiful coffee bean, for us to roast, just for you. Buy some Papua Wamena and get to know the people of Papua through their gift of gourmet coffee.

A heat-sealed valve bag will ensure the freshest coffee which will be fresh roasted the day it ships.

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